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Link building process is very complected and very hard to do it manually by your self. You don't need to worry about that anymore cause backlink generator is here for you to build backlinks for you.

Easy to Order, Easy to Rank.

Backlinks Generator the link building services is here, it is incredibly easy to manage your orders by creating and following progress and download reports. Stable SEO services quality and fast delivery will enable you to resell it to your clients. All our services come with White label Reports to make it easy as you can understand.

Affordable pricing.

Quality Service, at Reasonable Prices as low as $0.0099/ backlink & best quantity. Your order can be for only $0.03 without ever cutting down on the quality. Check our Pricing section for detail pricing of every backlinks package.

E-Commerce SEO

Easy to place orders,

Choose one from 3 methods of making orders Single order, SEO Packages, and Custom Packages. It is straightforward to check order status all with one click.

Incredibly fast delivery.

We consider a quick provision of new Service one of the most important aspects to start or keep a good and reliable partnership respectively. That is why we always do our utmost to ensure order processing within 0-5 days max.

Wide base of services.

We've got a wide base of services all in one place, offering a wide range of services for you to build high-quality Backlinks.

Backlinks Packages for Your site 🤩

Our Special Packages are Designed over our experience. Please select package only by Domain age.

Starter Plan

Only for New Domain
$ 02
One Time
  • 200 Avg. Backlinks
  • 100 Comment Backlinks
  • PBN BackLinks
  • 5 Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • 5 Bookmark Backlinks
  • 10 Wiki Links
  • 10 URL Shortner
  • Forum Posts
  • MicroBlog
  • Video Posts
  • GuestBook
  • KeyWords Research
  • Keywords Related
  • Target Country
  • Anchor Text
  • Free Drip Feed
  • Short Report

Newbie Plan

Only for Domain Older than 3 Months
$ 9
One Time
  • 1000 Avg. Backlinks
  • 500 Comment Backlinks
  • 5 OSclass Articles
  • 15 Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • 15 Bookmark Backlinks
  • 50 Wiki Links
  • 50 URL Shortners
  • Forum Posts​
  • MicroBlog
  • Video Posts
  • GuestBook
  • KeyWords Research
  • Keywords Related
  • Target Country
  • Anchor Text
  • Free Drip Feed
  • Full Report

Pro Plan

Only for Old Domains.
$ 24
One Time
  • 5000 Avg. Backlinks
  • 4001 Comment Backlinks
  • 10 Articles Backlinks
  • 50 Quality Web 2.0
  • 50 Quality Bookmarks
  • 100 Wiki Links
  • 200 URL Shortners
  • 50 Forum Posts
  • MicroBlogs
  • Video Posts
  • GuestBooks
  • KeyWord Research
  • Keywords Related
  • Target Country
  • Anchor Text
  • Free Drip Feed
  • Quick Index - Full Report

Custom Plan

Custom Backlinks and SEO
Custom plan
  • ∞ Total Backlinks
  • ∞ Comment Backlinks
  • PBN BackLinks
  • ∞ Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • ∞ Quality Bookmark
  • ∞ Do-Follow Wiki Links
  • ∞ URL Shortners
  • ∞ Forum Posts
  • ∞ MicroBlog
  • ∞ Video Posts
  • ∞ GuestBooks
  • Custom Keyword Research
  • Keywords Related
  • Target Country
  • Anchor Text
  • Free Drip Feed
  • Full Analytics

Active blog commenting is important beyond SEO. Leaving 5 or 10 comments per day can lead to extremely positive results such as:

  1. More traffic to your website.
  2. Reputation building.
  3. Expert positioning.
  4. Building inbound links.
  5. Leads and conversions.

Blog comments can give you a greater reach to your target audience.
Blog comments help grow authority and thought-leadership if you’re name and face is being seen on well-known websites.

100 Backlinks

Buy 100 Comment Backlinks
$ 0
Per 100 BackLinks
  • TrackBack
  • OBL of max. 1000
  • Overdelivery min +/- 10%
  • 99% Verified Live Links
  • Short Report
  • No Javascript Links
  • Fast Turnaround 1-48 Hours

500 Backlinks

Buy 500 Comment Backlinks
$ 3
Per 500 BackLinks
  • TrackBack & Comments
  • OBL of max. 500
  • Over-delivery min +/- 15%
  • 100% Verified Live Links
  • Detailed Report
  • No Javascript Links
  • Fast Turnaround 24-48 Hours

5000 Backlinks

Buy 5000 Comment Backlinks
$ 14
Per 5k BackLinks
  • TrackBack & Comments
  • Low OBL of max. 250
  • Overdelivery of min +/- 25%
  • 100% Verified Live Links
  • Detailed Report (Graph,Links)
  • No Javascript Links
  • Fast Turnaround 2-5 Days

10000 Backlinks

Buy 10000 Comment Backlinks
$ 24
Per 10k BackLinks
  • Comments & Redirects
  • Low OBL of max. 100
  • Overdelivery min. +/-30%
  • 100% Verified Live Links
  • Detailed Report (Graph,Links)
  • No Javascript Links
  • Turnaround 5-10 Days

Types of Backlinks we Provide.

Backlink Generator build all types of backlinks with all type of niche customer ask's like article backlinks, contextual backlinks, comment backlink generator, WEB 2.0 backlinks, Bookmarks building, WIKI Articles, PBN etc.


High IP diversification by quality low obl comments. Various packages available.

WEB 2.0

Get blog post backlinks including relevant unique content of high quality.


Private Blog Network Blog Post Backlinks from TF 25+ Domains & handwritten 500+ words content.


With Social Signals a new era of SEO has begun! 100% Google penalty safe rankings.


Get high authority backlinks from various wiki platforms for your website.


Add your website to different bookmark websites and extend your backlink portfolio.

Trusted Company by Thousands of Customers.

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Customers reviews

Good service I would recommend Pro Plan. However, content quality can be increased by the provider. This is a very good link building website to increase search engine results.
Adam Sendler
I love this service. I don't know how they are able to do this, but they do a great job. Virtually, every link I submit gets a significant boost in the search results. I will be recommending this site frequently.
Mila Kunis
Hi i have tried Many many different things to get youtube to stay on the first page. and over time i did manage to do it with trial and eare, but your back links has helped me out by keeping me on the first page
Mike Stuart

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Most frequent questions and answers

A Page with more backlinks tends to earn a high position in SERPs. If many websites are linking to a page, then the importance of this page will be increased, and the page will rank high. To get a high rank, the website will get organic traffic from search engine result pages. So earning backlinks for the website is essential to make it visible on the first page of search engines. Google especially gives more credit to backlinks that are relevant, natural and have high authority.

We can help you to boost your website’s traffic and sales by getting your site in the Top 10 of Googles SER and other search engines.
By getting high rankings in search engines, you will start receiving more traffic and more customers from them.
We can help you to get there by building high-quality DA 30-DA 100 backlinks for your site!

Cheak our Tiered Contextual SEO Backlinks Package

It depends on the competition in your niche. For example, it can be $25-$100 monthly for Indian or Australia based company and $500-$1,000 for the USA, UK, Canada because the competition is stronger. We recommend that you find out how many links you need to outrank your competitors and target those keywords, which you can afford.

Cause Links from BackLinks Generator boost website rankings on Google 10 times more effectively than usual links because 100% of our links are surrounded with your content. 100% of our links are placed manually, which makes them look natural to Google and other search engines.

It completely depends on the competition of your niche and the necessary number of links that you need to get in order to outrank your competitors. For example, Our site reached the TOP 5 Google and Yahoo Within 1 Month. But make sure to find out how many links you need to outrank your competitors.

Contact us for more Information

We recommend you purchasing Our Pro Plan Monthly .Which is suitable for your site .

In pro plan there are 4k comments and comment backlinks get removed by owner sometimes. So to stabilize your links count you need to buy it monthly.

Pro plan Comes with

  •  4001 Comment Backlinks
  •  10 Articles Backlinks
  •  50 Quality Web 2.0
  •  50 Quality Bookmarks
  •  100 Wiki Links
  •  200 URL Shortners
  •  50 Forum Posts
  •  MicroBlogs
  •  Video Posts
  •  GuestBooks
  •  KeyWord Research
  •  Keywords Related
  •  Target Country
  •  Anchor Text
  •  Free Drip Feed
  •  Quick Index – Full Report

And many more check our pricing section for more information.

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