What is OBL (Outbound Links)?

In our product descriptions you guys will have seen lot about OBL, and the common question everyone will have is what is OBL ?

OBL means the Outbound Links or the existing External outgoing links of the page URL. Outbound links are that comes from another website to your website or in simple, the link to your website from the niche and authority website are called outbound links. Outbound links are also known as existing backlinks of a website. Links from other websites that are not related to your website are also called backlinks but not worth that is why I said links from authority and niche website.

How to check OBL?

You can check your current obl count using seobase tools sitedoctor feature. it will give you a brief description and everysingle link in its detailed description.

SEO Base OBL Checker

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