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Protocols: HTTP vs HTTPS

What’s the difference between HTTP vs HTTPS? HTTPS is HTTP — just the secure version. HTTPS follows the same protocols as HTTP — the browser begins a connection to a server on a standard port. The additional layer of HTTPS security uses Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, to transport data. HTTPS exercises TCP Port 443 by …

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What is Indexing

What is Indexing?

In the website building and SEO process, the common question always comes that what is indexing and how it works.In this article, you can easily understand what is indexing and how indexing works. Information scraped by the crawlers/spiders needs to be organized, sorted, and stored so that it can be processed by the search engine …

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What is XML Sitemap?

What is XML Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that contains a full list of your website URLs. It is used to include directories of your websites for crawling and indexing for search engines and access for users. it can help search engine robots for indexing your website faster and deeply. It is roughly the opposite of robots.txt …

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What is IP canonicalization

What is IP canonicalization?

If your website loads by domain name address and IP address, search engines see these addresses as duplicate versions of the same page. So, this case is similar to appearance duplicate content in www / non-www and HTTP / https versions. So canonicalization redirects your IP address to the hostname. It works for SEO needs. When your website IP address …

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